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Sriin Knorei

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Everything, and nothing. She spoke, and the words had no meaning, but I understood clearly. And still I don't understand why I'm alive. ~ Anonymous

Sriin Knorei greets everyone with a cruel smile and a waggle of talons. And with horns like a devil, twisted and sharp with teeth to match, she's initially intimidating. With a talon to her lips, she keeps her gloves tight against her skin, her fingers encased in various armored rings that each come to a sharp point. Tall, leanly muscled and shapely, she's not wholly unattractive. With this knowledge, she exploits all at her convenience. To terrify or to entice, they are all tools to be executed at the appropriate moment.

Those that have spoken to her note that her voice is layered in tone and texture, and the words unknown. She speaks in deliberate rhythm, her voice a cacophony of musical tones meant to please and disarm the less perceptive. Her true voice is best described as harsh and discordant, and rarely heard. Her intention and meaning is never misunderstood. Read more...
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