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Adlai Kar'ri

Peace is an illusion. To turn illusion into reality is a arduous task. It requires discipline and sacrifice. ~ Adlai Kar'ri

Adlai Kar'ri was Arkanian/Firrereon hybrid born on Arkania, during the Great Galactic War. Deeply effected by his earlier childhood experiences within Republic Space, he eventually came to join the Empire as a Imperial Scout, and was soon inducted into the service of the Ministry of Intelligence. After the war, he was demoted and assigned to the Imperial Navy's Advanced Reconnaissance Division, under the pretense of monitoring hyperspace traffic around demilitarized zones.

While devoutly loyal to the idea of the Empire, he's goals seemed to place him at odds with Sith and conventional Imperial Commanders; several times earning him punishments that ranged from jailing to corporal punishment. He was a deeply spiritual man, but did not believe in the Force. Read more...
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