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Luni byRedding.jpg

Luniara Solborne (Luniara Craubo)

Player: Luniara (JungMa)

Class: Sith Marauder
Class focus: Carnage
Level: 60
Primary profession: Artiface
Secondary profession: Archeology
Tertiary profession: Treasure Hunting

Personal Data

Known aliases: Darth Umbra, Overlord, "Luni"
Species: ½ Human, ½ Rattataki (F)
Age: 33 (19 BTC)
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye color: Aqua
Hair color: Light Platinum & Black
Skin color: Pale
Faction: Sith Empire/Neutral
Birthplace: Dantooine
Marital status: Married (Wraloa Craubo)
Relatives: Older sibling: Shevek Solborne, Children: Aieden, Adryia & Tres Craubo


Single blade lightsaber (Turquoise)

"May the Force be ever in your favor.""

A once confident Jedi Knight, Luniara is now leader of the neutral organization, Penumbral, frequently going by her moniker "Darth Umbra". Slender with a well toned figure, long Platinum and Black hair tied back messily. Luniara's aqua colored eyes are speckled with hints of red and yellow as she continues walking down an uncertain path of light and dark. Her skin is pale and fair. Her attire consists of dark plate & leather armor covering her entire body occasionally worn with a dark cloak that connects from under her shoulder guards. When she speaks, it is often with short and direct sentences with a soft yet cold voice.


Her Platinum hair is worn in a low and very loose braid kept together with a long and tight bout of heavy string keeping it together. Stray strands of hair fall down into her face and in front of her ears. Her hair forms a slight prom styled "poof" at the front and is striped in black which blends back into platinum. She often drapes the braid over her shoulder. When worn down, her hair is wavy with loose twists/curls. Her skin is pale and against the dark circles, her aqua blue eyes stand out and often attract great attention to them. When teetering on the edge of the Darkside, speckles of red and yellow paint her iris'. Her chin is tattooed with a dark red angular marking that goes up onto her lower lip.

Luniara's darkside tainted eyes

Distinctive Marks

Luniara's has a tattoo on her chin and lower lip in honor of her fallen Master and her pale skin slightly resembling that of the Rattataki. A faint scar is visible on the right side of her forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Luniara's strongest ability is combat with a lightsaber, using her agility and strength to over power her opponents. She is incredibly fast and uses her surroundings to her advantage with her Force abilities. Umbra has trained herself so that she could easily twist to attempt to evade attacks she does not deflect with her lightsaber. She tries to stay calm when facing a foe and sometimes taunts her opponent. During certain situations, Umbra shows a tempermental attitude towards situations that leads to a more aggressive outcome. She doesn't like to give up, but will if it means the safety of those she is protecting. She waits for her opponent to strike first and keeps a careful eye out for any sudden movements and keeps her distance until the right given moments, looking for openings in her opponents.

-Class: Sith Knight (Marauder)

-Attributes: Agile, Cunning, Stubborn.

• Strength: moderate
• Dexterity: very high
• Wisdom: high
• Intelligence: moderate
• Constitution: moderate
• Charisma: moderate

Force Powers:

-Skills: Force Speed, Force Jump,Telekinesis (Force Push, Force Pull),Mind Trick (Force persuasion)

Luniara uses her force powers to often increase her abilities in combat. She often is seen using Force Push the most during battle and uses it to her advantage. Upon giving up her alignment with the Jedi Order, she began training in the use ofForce Lightning but tries her best to avoid using it, knowing the sheer pain it inflicts on it's victims. As a more painless technique of combat she has been has been playing close attention to her Sith peers in the art of Various Mind Tricks (an act she takes up from Darth Maleficent).

Lightsaber Forms:


Luniara's single bladed lightsaber design is very clean and sleek featuring a wave of black grips against a white metallic surface. The blade is blue in color.

Luniara Saber-1.jpg

While she had held onto this particular blade for years even after her Fall, the lightsaber was destroyed sometime in 14 ATC and later replaced by a newly constructed lightsaber.

Saber v2.jpg

-Combat Luniara has mastered Form IV: Ataru, using the force to augment her abilities. She is well trained against single opponents and close combat and uses her most powerful blows with this form. She is also proficient in Form III: Soresu and tends to switch up her combat to confuse her opponents. She is often seen using Form III when faced with a larger quantity of foes and also in enclosed spaces.


Luniara's Jedi attire.
-Old Jedi Robes  Luniara wores traditional Jedi robes that will wouldn't weigh her down like armor would in battle. Her overtunic was black that stopped mid way at her thighs and her cream colored undertunic was long and lead down to form a skirt like look. Around her robes was a white leather utility belt. Beneath her robes she wore a long sleeved tight black shirt that tucked into her black leather gloves. On her legs she weore tight black leggings that
Luniara's Penumbral Uniform
tucked into her boots that matched the same color as her overtunic. She often accompanied her robes with a black cloak. When faced with a large battle she often wore traditional Jedi armor on upper torso and legs.

Darth Umbra's Sith Armor
-Sith Armor  Luniara wears dark colored Armor crafted light enough to not weight her down when in battle. Her shoulders are plated in black armor that covers down towards her upper chest, leading into plated armor along her upper arms and neck. Under the armor, a thick leather suit covers her torso, leading down into a split skirt that allows quick and easy movement. Around her armor is a black leather utility belt. Beneath her robes she wears a long sleeved tight black shirt that tucks into her black leather gloves. On her legs she wears tight black leggings that tuck into her dark leather boots. She often accompanies her armor with a black cloak that attaches under her shoulders. 

-Penumbral Uniform  Over time in Penumbral, Luniara's consistent usage of her armor had dwindled significantly. Taking leadership on the Fleet, most of her duties remained on board the Penumbral ships and fighting was limited for her. When not in more casual attire or robes, she dons her Imperial-escue uniform. Akin to her armor or robes, the uniform is dark in color with blue or gold trims and shoulder guards. The top leads down into a skirt. Her pants are black in color and neatly fold into her black boots.



As a Padawan Jedi, Luniara once possessed a calm, proud and serious demeanor when in the presence of her fellow Jedi and Mentors. With the passage of time, the Sacking of Coruscant and the death of her Jedi Master would greatly change her attitude dramatically. Anger, hate and the desire for revenge plagued her and these habits would ultimately be the catalyst in her fall. As a Sith she had become distant, reserved and more temperamental as she fed off her anger and the Darkside. She is very persuasive, cunning and most of all stubborn. Her feelings are draped with the shame and regret of her fall, allowing her to hold onto what little she has of her past as a Jedi. She can be a very vicious adversary in battle if provoked. Despite being a Sith, Luniara still held a soft spot when being faced with an order to take down Jedi. When the situation calls on the need for it, the manipulative and angry nature laid upon her by Maleficent breaks free; most often seen when confrontations with those who threaten her role in leading Jen'jidai.

Master Gu'Vemma and Luniara
Luniara (left) and Wraloa (right) walk the halls of the rebuilt Tython Temple.
Luniara (left) and Rydlie (right).

Anger, revenge and the passion she holds within her drives her forward. She often tries to hide her smile, but at times it breaks free and shows a more happy, compassionate nature about her. Within Penumbral, she knows there is no organization without those ranked below her. Knowing this, she rarely pulls rank and often joins her people in battle, regardless of what the mission entails.


Jedi Master Gu'Veema Vora: A Mirialan Jedi Master who was known for her calm and understanding nature within the Republic. Always asking questions first before taking igniting her blade; she was quick to make an effort to resolve conflict rather than continue it. She had discovered Luniara after catching both she, her sister being given an unauthorized tour of the Jedi Temple on Dantooine. Stricken with interest and keen to teach, Gu'Veema volunteered to train the girl and thus, started Luniara's entryway into becoming a Jedi. Always patient she made sure to teach and warn Luniara of anger and fear; traits she saw often in the girl. Upon participation in defending against the attack of the Sith during the Sacking of Corescant, Gu'Veema was caught off guard and slain by Darth Maleficent. Stuck with remorse for having the inability to save her Master, Luniara began baring the same facial tattoo as her Master in honor of the loss. Her death would be a small stepping stone towards Luniara's fall to the darkside.

Jedi Master Lucis Mirmaker: A Human Jedi Master once assigned to tutor Luniara after the death of Gu'Veema. Cool, calm and collective, Lucis is always mindful of his actions and what reactions they could cause within the Galaxy as a whole. He is in constant communication with the Force and seeks to listen to it in order to fulfill his destiny. He serves the Jedi sect known as the "Knights of Sokan", an elite group of Force users within the Republic.

Wraloa Craubo  : Wraloa is a male Jedi Knight who had joined the Jedi Order a few years before Luniara. The two crossed paths during their childhood on Dantooine where Wraloa was stationed. Luniara worked on her family's farm and would deliver crates of food in which Wraloa would sign for. After several years of antagonizing Wraloa during each shipment, the two would eventually form a close bond. They would later reunite as Jedi Knights on Tython. She holds a deep affection for Wraloa. Since becoming Sith her feelings for him have become more apparant. Luniara goes out of her way to avoid causing harm to Wraloa and the woman's love and desire for him is perhaps the only thing stopping her from losing herself to the full power of the Darkside. The two would eventually confess their feelings and in end of 12 BTC, Luniara would give birth to the lover's twin offspring while in custody of the Republic. For some time, Wraloa's return to the Jedi Order saw to the two's relationship to be at an end, the man keeping watch over the Penumbral Fleet's Republic refuges. Unbeknownst to Luniara, the Jedi was secretly working to return the two's children with the help of the infamous Seelund Cartel. After a drunken night spent together after Rydlie and Pike's wedding after going as one another's date, things once again became confusing for the two childhood friends. It was not until Wraloa finally succeeded in returning their children to the Penumbral Fleet that they realized the path that needed to be taken. Choosing to protect their children as partners, Luniara accepted Wraloa's marriage proposal.

Maleficent: A Sith Inquisitor once a formidable adversary of Luniara during her time as a Jedi. Maleficent is responsible for manipulating Luniara's hatred and desire for revenge, hastening her fall to the Darkside. Luniara has been seen taking up various battle techniques used by Maleficent in battle. Her desire to kill the Sith woman still lingers within her despite her inability to take action, her feelings too clouded to release any full potential strong enough to destroy Maleficent.

Vanitas: A younger Sith Warrior that had been assigned to Luniara as a pupil for a short amount of time. His personality, lack of patience, accent and aura disgusts Luniara to no end. She pities the Boy's hardships that he had to go through as a young slave. For some time the boy remained a member of the Jen'jidai up until his untimely demise. After witnessing Luniara's attempts to thwart any harm on the Jedi Wraloa Craubo, Vanitas was becoming a threat to her in power and Luniara had made sure to issue his execution.

Minali Nefaras: A Human Agent who has shown a great deal of loyalty towards Luniara during the Sith's reign in Jen'jidai. Despite having a strong dislike for Force Users, the woman associates herself closely with Luniara and assists in various missions that require her special areas of expertise.
Luniara gives in to Sranishor's advances on Nar Shaddaa

Sran'ishor: A Miralukan/Zeltron hybrid originally ordered to gain a close bond with Luniara, woo her and eventually kill her by orders of the Darth Lisen'tia, the two instead formed a close bond. The man has often shown signs of being willing to stand guard over Luniara and has many times saved her from precarious situations. After the fall of Aeten II, in hopes of healing the pain she felt over the loss, the two shared a very brief romantic relationship. Not long into the relationship, Luniara realized her feelings for Sranishor were far from what she wanted and ended the pairing, the two opting to remain close friends. As though ashamed that she had allowed herself to be wooed by the man, she keeps the short period the two spend together a secret from many. After the man's death, Luniara possesses considerable amounts of guilt after denouncing any form of feelings the two may have had for one another after confrontations between both Sranishor and her Husband. She possesses difficulties accepting the loss.

Aeetos Atiniir: Known to many within Penumbral as the "Warden", Aeetos played a key role in Luniara's retrieval from the Republic after the fall of her Sith sect, the Jen'jidai. Acting as the woman's Admiral for years, the two share a strange relationship, their stubbornness often causing them to butt heads one moment and the next, the two are sharing a drink. He has often been Luniara's conscience

Rydlie: Once a young Adept of the Jen'jidai Academy that held the watchful eye of Luniara during her studies, Rydlie was once the only exception to Luniara's unwillingness to take another Apprentice. The two possess a mentor and student relationship and though Luniara will not admit it, she loves Rydlie as though she were a little sister. After the fall of Aeten II, the two suffered a great rift between them, Rydlie having gone through a traumatic experience on Bimmiel alongside Luniara. The two eventually rekindled their relationship, Rydlie and her husband becoming close friends of Luniara's family.

Rokoth: The two met on board the Penumbral Fleet randomly after the assassination attempt on Luniara's life by the Nexu Raiders. Rokoth, a new recruit of the organization, found respect for the woman's strength and sought to learn more about her. In hopes of getting to know Luniara outside of the title she held, the man was persistent in breaking Luniara out of her shell and eventually succeeded in bonding with her. He is often seen by her side simply talking over a cup of tea or playing Dejarik with her. The two considered one another to be the other's best friend up until his sudden disappearance.

Suuzanne: Having met on board the Penumbral Fleet, both Luniara and Suuzanne immediately felt a connection towards one another. The young woman's strong desire to learn and growing curiosity caught Luniara's attention and the two indulged in various studies of a mysterious holocron that would eventually bring the two women even closer as Master and Apprentice. In hopes of keeping a safe distance to avoid growing too attached, Luniara strives to keep her personal business and feelings away from Suuzanne.

Eirilian Darksky: Introduced to the Fleet by none other than Suuzanne herself, Eirilian became apparant of the power that Luniara possessed. After weeks and months of baring witness to what she was capable of, the young woman requested apprenticeship under Luniara. Reluctant at first, it was not until Luniara became aware of Eirilian's similarities in goals that she began to consider taking the woman under her wing alongside Suuzanne. Luniara sees a lot of her past and often times present self in Eirilian, which causes her to treat her newer Apprentice a lot harsher than Suuzanne. She aims to prepare the young woman to face the threat that awaits her while also teaching her to control her temperament.


Luniara, once firmly believed in the safety and loyalty to the Republic and Jedi Order, which eventually turned into a clouded outlook on where she rightfully stands within the Universe. Luniara holds onto her believes in the Force, allowing it to guide her and believing that there are no 'coincidences'. During her transition to leadership in the Jen'jidai, she had remained loyal to their goals, having found trust in the order and the comrades that gave their loyalty. She believed the sect was capable of standing alone and would strive to bring order to those they cross as it contains a variety of people who come together despite their beliefs and practices. With the Jen'jidai destroyed, her belief in the Force and the path it presents to those who train within it is all she keeps with her. When among Sith, she poses to believe in the 'dead' Emperor and his corrupted Council. 


Luniara (right) and her older sister, Shevek (left)


Luniara's parents
Luniara was born on Dantooine to Richtor Solborne and Talys Myndraav in 19 BTC. Her mother, a rogue Rattataki Agent of the Empire had fallen victim to the life she had left behind in 16 BTC, leaving her Father, a simple farmer raising both Luniara and her older Sister, Shevek on their family Estate. Both girls worked on the farm, delivering goods to local settlements and the local Jedi Enclave, helping to
Luniara (left) training with her Master, Gu'Veema (right)
maintain and support their family. Luniara, always stubborn and rambunctious, enjoyed pulling a prank or two, especially on visits to the younglings who she'd delivery goods to. She'd often look up to her older Sister and hope to one day be as poised as her and often refused to go on deliveries without her out of fear for the dark and the dangerous Kath Hounds. Upon the two girls befriending the Padawan, Wraloa Craubo in 13 BTC, they'd often make lasting trips to the Jedi Enclave during deliveries. These meetings would mark the beginning of Luniara's journey. At the age of 8 she was discovered by Gu'Veema to be Force sensitive while on a delivery to the Jedi Enclave. Having lost her first apprentice, Gu'Veema took it upon herself to train Luniara and take her as her new Padawan in 11 BTC, leaving the girl's sister and father behind as she strove to become a Jedi Knight.


Luniara was a very attentive Padawan, always eager to learn and always asking questions. She dreamed of becoming great with a lightsaber, but also hoped to be as strong as her Master was with the Force. Luniara would spend the next 12 years at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, where she excelled in both Lightsaber technique, her affinity with the Force and eventually, the construction of her own lightsaber. The youngling's skill and speed as she grew with the weapon was excelled among her peers, earning her a certain amount of respect. A natural talent, combined with endless hours of training and deep meditation, fueled Luniara's perfection of her lightsaber movement. However, this left little time for other things, and her social life suffered. Her only interaction being with random passing of Wraloa Craubo until his departure from the Enclave in 10 BTC, only a year upon her entry into the order. Passing the Initiate trials at the age of 13. Despite her talents, Gu'Veema found herself often scolding the young Luniara for pushing her skills further than what had been needed, finding the girl to have limited patience. Consistantly reminded her that her skills will develop in time, Gu'Veema frequently found herself putting Luniara through structured meditation and balancing techniques. As she grew, her outlook on becoming a Jedi matured and Luniara learned the value of patience. She would become recognized as a Jedi Knight at the age of 19 just prior to the Battle of Coruscant. 

The Battle of Corescant & The Death of Gu'Veema:

Mal grin.jpg
Luniara [right] faces off with Darth Maleficent [left].
In 0 BTC, as a newly appointed Jedi Knight, Luniara had quickly begun to gain the favor of the Jedi council. The teenager's extreme devotion and adherence to the both her training and her increased growth with the Force afforded her many opportunities. Although still naive and showing signs of attachment to her Master, Luniara became a Knight in her own right. Both she and Gu'Veema continued on missions, many of which took advantage of her advanced use of agility and brute strength. Following several successful missions, the two Jedi had recieved request by her Council to return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The Sith attack on the temple caught the Jedi by surprise, and though the Temple's Defenders put up a good fight, the Sith emerged victorious. With the Sith having no intention of seeing an end to the world that rampaged the Galaxy, they laid siege on the Jedi Temple, slicing through the Jedi with their sheer numbers and taking down 6 Jedi High Council Members in the process. Communications to the outside world blocked and any escape was barred, the planet was on lock down and placed under martial law. As the death toll rose into the thousands, the Jedi left attempted to make their stand against the Sith that lingered.Having escaped the High Council building, Both Luniara and her Master Gu'Veema were finally cornered by Darth Maleficent, a cunning Sith Inquisitor who could easily keep up with the Jedi with every blow Gu'Veema tried to make. It would be at the young and talented Sith's hands that Gu'Veema would meet her fate. Before Luniara could make it to counter Maleficent's attack, Gu'Veema was hacked open with a swift slice of her double bladed lightsaber. In her rage, Luniara would attempt to confront the Sith. The two would engage in an even battle that would end in a draw, the two being interrupted as the Jedi Temple began to crumble, threatening to kill both Force Sensitives. Once the Treaty was signed, Luniara accompanied the other Jedi to Tython.

Return to Tython & Growth within the Jedi Order:

Defeated and shunned by the planet of Coruscant, the Jedi made travel to their ancestral homeworld of Tython leading them on a pilgrimage to establish Jedi presence on the world. Along the journey, Luniara joined with them now without her Master. Gu'Vemma's death had hit Luniara hard with grief and it took days before she even left her newly assigned quarters. Upon finally venturing out, it would be here where she would reunite with her childhood friend, Wraloa Craubo who would later introduce her to Jedi Knight Andur Brightlancer. Luniara's nights grew increasingly restless. A sense of impending darkness loomed over her, and though she would meditate on this often, she was unable to determine the source. This continued for many months, when the dark cloud
Luniara mourns Gu'Veema
disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived. The sense of peace would not last however, as several nights later Luniara's dreams were plagued with that of her former Master's murderer who had begun to make a name for herself as a Jedi killer. When Luniara brought this matter before the Jedi Council, they would not permit her to pursue the Sith, worried over what path such actions would lead Luniara down. Anger with the Council's decision in not allowing her to pursue Maleficent Luniara initially began to possess many issues controlling her emotions, having suddenly to deal with a new rising anger in her. In fact, this new temper and her issues almost expelled out of the order during a dueling session when her temper had gotten the best of her and her partner became wounded from her roughness. She was dispatched to await the councils judgment on her fate. However, having graduated a Padawan to Knight, she was given a second chance. In 2 ATC, The Council assigned a new Master and companion to her. Master Mirmaker had a unique insight into the issues Luniara had began to deal with and he began to manage to salvage the young Jedi's training. The Council had hoped the focus and attention that Mirmaker could give to Luniara would subdue her need for vengeance and time of mourning, lest they lose another to the Dark Side. Alongside her assigned companion, Mirmaker would see to it that Luniara's mind was consistently kept busy to avoid straying from both her goals and the Jedi Path.
Luniara, Wraloa and Andur.
For years Luniara accompanied Mirmaker on various missions, the two Jedi would eventually infiltrating and neutralizing a vicious pirate group which had been operating around the planet Kashyyyk. Until a botched heist, the pirate group, known only as the Mantilian Mynocks had been kept under the radar and their antics of providing protection for a group of slavers which had been capturing Wookiees for use as slave labor became Jedi knowledge. By first infiltrating the gang and then neutralizing it's leader, the two Jedi completed her mission quickly and without error. Following this, Luniara turned the tides and took the mission a step further, going beyond parameters by then capturing the slavers themselves, handing them over to the Wookies to bring to trial. Though her Council Masters had been displeased with her quick decision, the Council thought highly of her quick wit and agility. They deemed it was time to allow Luniara to grow on her own accord and both Luniara and Mirmaker parted ways. It was during this time that Luniara would begin to work more fluently with Wraloa Craubo, his Padawan Ka'Lynn Vanner and Andur Brightlancer. The group of 4, each with their own talents were often found quickly successful in what missions they were tasked.

Return of the Nightmares & Path of Revenge

Years after the death of Gu'Veema, the conflicts between the Empire and the Republic had grown increasingly violent. Unbeknownst to the Council, Luniara's grudge and a taste to seek revenge against the Sith had begun to erupt once once more. This lead to increasingly frequent interaction between both Luniara and Darth Maleficent. Unbeknownst to the Council and her comrades, Luniara would go out of her way to chase Maleficent, always one step behind her as her web of Sith mind tricks spun through Luniara's mind, often taunting her to use what anger the Jedi had for the Sith against her in battle.

At the beginning of 6 ATC, the dreams that had plagued Luniara had began to increase tremendously, Maleficent's dark techniques taking its toll upon her mind. She was unable to decipher whether they were simply dreams or visions through the Force.

Fall to the Darkside

"And now... your master truly is dead." - Dark Lady Maleficent to Luniara on Dantooine.

Luniara succumbs to the Darkside.
In early 7 ATC, The Jedi Knight Wraloa Craubo sent Luniara on an investigation into Force-Sensitives that were being abducted in the lower levels of Coruscant. She was captured by the Bounty Hunter Drousk after having questioned the Smuggler that had been responsible for most of the transport of those that had gone missing. Brought into the hands of the Sith, the Bounty Hunter hoped to catch a better deal with the Dark Sith Marcellus, who dabbled in the arts of Sith Alchemy and sick rituals. The Sith was found to be purchasing unregistered Force Users and using them for his experiments in search of the perfect specimen. Intrigued with Luniara, Marcellus sought to use her in such rituals but his efforts were thwarted by Darth Maleficent, Luniara's known enemy and source of her anger for years. Stepping in and taking control of the situation by Force, Maleficent oversaw the Jedi's transfer to Aeten II, the stronghold of the Jen'jidai. There, through a combination of torture and Sith techniques, Maleficent began to slowly weave her way into Luniara's mind in hopes of causing her Fall. Kept bound within the underground cells of the Jen'jidai strong hold, Maleficent left Luniara to be tortured by her dark thoughts. Marcellus, angered by the Sith Inquistior's interruptions of his original plans, decided to get what he could out of his captive's ordeal. With the help of a paid mercenary, Marcellus sought to ravage Luniara into deeper despair by means of Force. Through the deed had been done, Maleficent interrupted his efforts and punished the lower rank Sith for intervening on her work. The mercenary was not as lucky. Allowing Luniara to inact her own revenge, the mercenary paid for his crimes against the Jedi with his life, taken by Luniara. This act of murder ensured her fall.  

The Witch-hunt

"You may not have been fully at fault for the act that brought me down this path, but you laid the path in front of me and we do not travel together on it anymore." - Luniara to Wraloa on her fall to the darkside

Wraloa aims to confront the Fallen Luniara on Tanaab.
Remaining off the grid for nearly a year, Luniara finally resurfaced as Darth Umbra; concealing her face with a mask and dressed in dark robes to separate herself from her past and those who may know of her. Forced to tag alongside Maleficent and her young Twi'lek slave, Luniara picked up the woman's habits of manipulation and bowed to the woman's every need. Hate had over taken her and nightmares had slowly begun to plague her dreams as she continued her training in the Dark side. During this time, Wraloa Craubo had been searching for clues on his old friend's whereabouts. It took him multiple weeks to become suspicious of foul play, and by then, Luniara was beyond his reach. It would not be until months later before Wraloa was able track down the Luniara's location, finding her movements to a refueling station in orbit around the backwater planet of Tanaab. Accompanied by the man's Apprentices, Luniara was confronted by the man within a bar. Wraloa's intent was not to bring her back to the Order, but to open a dialogue and better understand what had caused Luniara to stray from her Jedi Teachings. Having felt the man's familiar pretense following her, Luniara urged her old friend to depart despite the overwhelming desire she felt standing before him. Ushering close for a kiss, Luniara's aqua eyes appeared tainted with the red and yellow hues that had become well known as consistant use of the Darkside. The Jedi quickly realized how far gone Luniara had strayed from the light and unknown to both he and his comrades, Darth Maleficent was also on the Station, tugging on Luniara's strings. The powerful Sith woman caused the patrons of the cantina where Wraloa and Luniara were speaking to riot. After a short scuffle, Wraloa was pressed into combat against Maleficent, as neither he nor Luniara able to bring themselves to attack the other. The newly Fallen Jedi engaged the two Padawans and with more experience easily overpowered both Jedi. As the station's security personnel descended upon the Force Users, both factions were forced to retreat, the Jedi failing to gain any information about their old comrades fall.

Embodiment of the Darkside

A Year would pass and the former Jedi eventually ventured out, unmasked and without the aid of Darth Maleficent. Having made a name for herself within the Jen'jidai, she used the sect to her advantage to train her powers further to achieve her goal of defeating those that had wronged her and initiated her fall. Darth Xenith, the order's Master took a watchful eye on Luniara and despite knowing her past and being a Fallen himself - allowed the new Sith free reign over her
Ka'Lynn and Luniara duke it out on Dantooine.
travels. Taking interest in Jedi holocrons to uncover skills and knowledge the order could use to their advantage, Luniara traveled back to her homeworld of Dantooine to investigate the location of the artifact within the old Jedi Archives. Little did she know, across the galaxy Wraloa Craubo would be sent after the very same holocron. Tagging along with him as his former Apprentice, Ka'Lynn Vanner; who opposed to the man's consistent need to search for the Fallen Jedi. With the apprentice alone and outnumbered, Luniara was able to take the girl hostage. Upon realizing his Apprentice had failed to check in, Wraloa vowed to make the same mistake he had done with Luniara. Here he would come face to face once more with his childhood friend. Now completely engrossed in the Dark Side's embrace, Wraloa's attempts to reason with Luniara and retrieve the Jedi holocron a quickly failed. Through a drugged state of consciousness, Ka'Lynn was miraculously able to escape while Luniara and Wraloa were finally forced to duel one another, their opposing goals reaching an impasse. After a short battle, Wraloa knocked Luniara unconscious with a barrage of destroyed tilestones. Unable to escape the dreams that
Luniara kisses Wraloa, regretting her actions.
continued to haunt her, visions of her past, and torture by Maleficent and Marcellus replayed in her mind. As Wraloa attempt to her back to consciousness, she lashed out with her lightsaber in fear that her dreams were reality, severing Wraloa's right arm just below the elbow. Sensing her Master's situation, the Jedi Apprentice returned in time to watch the man get maimed. In a fit of rage, Ka'Lynn began attacking the injured Luniara with all her might, but was unable to strike her down while her Master was in danger. Bewildered by her own actions and worried for Wraloa's safety, Luniara attempted to strike a deal: they would tend to Wraloa's injuries, and Ka'Lynn would surrender not only the Holocron, but Wraloa's personal Datapad, itself
Ka'Lynn and Luniara strike a deal.
containing almost a Holocron's worth of the man's personal philosophies and data recordings. In true Sith fashion, Luniara betrayed the Jedi, having one of her minions strike the girl unconscious from behind. Luniara made off with not only the Holocron and Datapad, but Ka'Lynn as their hostage. As the Adepts secured the Apprentice in their ship, Luniara remained a moment by Wraloa's side and felt great remorse for the act she had inflicted upon her friend. Assuring his safety until he awoke Luniara kissed her sleeping friend, apologizing for her crime against him and departed back to her ship; preparing for their return for Aeten II.

While Luniara's plans had been to turn her over to her Master, Marcellus, Luniara's shuttle was intercepted by Darth Maleficent, who offered the girl an alternative: work with Maleficent to turn Ka'Lynn in to the Dark Council, thereby assuring both of them their good, sinister, favor. Luniara agreed, and plans were set into motion to transport the girl to Dromund Kaas ...After a bit of torture, that is. Maleficent, armed with a Blood Gem Ring, tortured Ka'Lynn mercilessly, coaxing Luniara to partake in the very same methods the woman had used on her a year prior. was ultimately unsuccessful in breaking the Jedi girl. Armed with his allies months later, Wraloa was able to successfully bombard Maleficent's stronghold and enter to free the captured Ka'Lynn in time before she would be executed.

Ascendance & Goals for Revenge:

Over time, Luniara had slow began to make a strong hold for herself within the sect of Jen'jidai; moving quietly up their ranks through various missions. It was through them that the Fallen would finally be able to break free from Marcellus' torturous grasp and begin planning her route to power in order for revenge against those who had wronged and tortured her. Catching the eye of Darth Xenith, the order's founder and Master, Luniara proved herself worthy in battle during the conflict with the Jedi sect calling themselves 'Eternal Vigilance". Promoted to the rank of Lord within the Order, Luniara was able to bring on the expulsion of
Luniara on Aeten II
Marcellus for his sick experiments he had befallen on the innocents within their own order. Filled with hate and rage, the newly appointed Lord was not fully pleased with simply the man's removal from the Jen'jidai and desired for his death. Infiltrated Marcellus' ship alone, Luniara was able to disengage the ships Navigation and Engine systems. Both Sith quickly engaged in combat aboard the Black Grail, Marcellus having the upper hand due to his long term exposure to the Darkside and his trade of Sith Alchemy. Twisting and teasing her mind with illusions and replays of torture, Marcellus was capable of steering clear of her agile attacks as Luniara struggled to break free from his grasp. Having known full well where Luniara had run off to, the newly appointed Vice Admiral of Jen'jidai, Minali Nefaras was capable of locating her comrade and bombarding Marcellus' ship with enough fire power to cause the dark Sith to abandon his vessel and make his escape, leaving Luniara at a loss of achieving her goal of his demise.

Although her attempt on Marcellus' life had failed, this did not deter Luniara from furthering herself within the Jen'jidai. Through routine missions and her own excursions against the Republic, Luniara remained in the watchful eyes of Darth Xenith; unknowing of the man's plans to turn over his entire cult over to the reluctant Sith. It was not until a routine ceremony within the order that the Darth's decision would come to light and leave his power upon her and venturing off on his own path. With the Jen'jidai in her grasp, Luniara would aspire to ensure the order's path to many victories and in the process gain faithful allies; both Light and Dark that would serve her for years to come.

Veil of Deceit - The Professor's 'Fall:

Veil of Deceit

Newly appointed as the new Sith Master of the Jen’jidai, Luniara had ascended through the ranks of the sect, gaining vast amounts of backing from not only her own people, but the Empire. With such amounts of power, the need to be careful and mask her true feelings towards the Empire was required. Little did she know, in the Republic a plan was brewing to take down her entire power base and return her to the Republic.Wraloa Craubo and his comrades, Ka’Lynn Vanner, Andurr Brightlancer and SIS agent Tiffell Aeducan had gone behind the Jedi Council’s backs and began an intricate plan of infiltrating the Jen’jidai base from within.

The Slippery Slopes Cantina was a well-known hangout for many members of the Jen’jidai, Luniara often frequenting the social gatherings herself. It had been nearly a year since the Sith Woman had encountered her old time friend, having thought the two’s path would never cross again after the death of Vanitas. To her surprise, Wraloa arrived, pulling Luniara aside and quietly asked the woman to surrender to the Republic one last time. Finding amusement in the man’s request, Luniara refused and shrugged the Jedi off and returned to her social gathering. It was then that Wraloa Craubo’s plan went into action. Earlier in the evening, the holoprojectors throughout the cantina had been sliced and within moments of Luniara turning down the offer to surrender, the screens began to display an array of acts made by none other than Luniara herself, allowing the Jedi to flee, altering circumstances to allow her old friend’s survival despite how it went against her orders to end him. As Luniara had been conversing with companions from a recent mission, he had taken the opportunity to reveal her secrets to them. Despite his efforts, those few whose ears had been open – refused to denounce their loyalty to Luniara or had been too drunk to care about the Jedi’s claims against her. Groups of loyal followers within the Jen’jidai turned their attention to Wraloa, quickly swarming him. Alarmed for her old comrade, Luniara pushed her way through the group. The Jedi, knowing he had little chance in fighting back, quietly surrendered to her. Refusing to take Wraloa’s life to avoid breaking the neutrality with the Hutts, Luniara took him as her prisoner, faced with having to make a decision that would ensure her position in the Jen’jidai, Luniara commanded the man to be transported to Aeten II as her prisoner, entrusting the transport to Minali.

On Aeten II, Luniara had casted Wraloa into a small, dark and hot cell for several weeks, avoiding venturing down to face him. During this time, she had spent days mulling over why the man would make such a futile attempt to dislodge her position of power and risk himself. She knew she could not keep him below the depths of the academy to rot for long. Eventually, the Sith Woman traveled down to the man’s cell, demanding to know his reasoning behind the attempt and his surrender. It was then that both Luniara and Wraloa were faced with a revelation they had never imagined. Confessing her love for the man, Wraloa reciprocated her feelings. Luniara had to act quickly. Knowing full well she couldn’t bare to see him imprisoned, Luniara released him from his cell, and escorted him into the Jen’jidai compound. She would pose him as her Fallen Apprentice, reeducating him in the ways of the Sith until she could manage a plan to get him safely off the planet and into Republic territory. This task would not prove easy.

For weeks, Luniara indulged in the secret love affair, despite knowing the dangerous path it would lead both of them and with no knowledge to Wraloa’s plan. Wraloa’s natural love for lore and learning, he had began to spend a large amount of time studying over the Jen’jidais collected Sith archives, hoping to use any information to his advantage. However, the amount of time he had steeped in the dark rooms began to take a dangerous turn that not even Luniara had expected. Wraloa had began to become more aggressive and more prone to outbursts of his emotions; at one point even holding an ignited lightsaber to Luniara's throat. Worried for Wraloa’s connection to the light, Luniara began to make plans for the Jedi’s return to the Republic. Luniara bargained for transport and silence within the bars of Nar Shaddaa, unbeknownst to her, she was being watched. The Jedi Knight Ka’Lynn Vanner had been waiting for her. The agile blonde woman lashed out, attacking her. Inebriated, Luniara stood little chance of fighting off the much younger woman and soon fell, severely wounded and at Ka’Lynn’s mercy. Demanding Luniara return Wraloa to Dantooine within the week, Ka’Lynn disappeared as quickly as she had came...leaving Luniara to her defeat.

Meanwhile, Wraloa had begun making enough commotion to draw the attention of one of Jen'Jidai's more powerful Sith Lords, who took it upon himself to drug and capture the Jedi hostage. The Sith Lord implanted memories in Wraloa's mind of Luniara in the embrace of another man; driving him to jealousy and rage. Wraloa, seemingly broken, agreed to do whatever he needed to gain the power to keep Luniara for himself. The Sith instructed him to dispose of the last remaining tie to his former life as a Jedi: the Jedi Knight Ka'Lynn Vanner. Tasked with ending the girl's life, Wraloa departed Aeten II. Unknown to the Sith Lord, both Ka’lynn and Andur had been planning for such, having spent weeks leading up Wraloa’s capture building up the woman’s tolerance to numerous toxins and venoms. He would duel Ka'Lynn on Dantooine, far from the spying eyes of Jen'Jidai, and would cut her with a blade laced with one of the toxins she had been training to resist. Giving her enough to make her appear dead, but not enough to outright kill her. The plan went accordingly, Wraloa returning back to Aeten II triumphantly. It was then that Wraloa was christened Darth Educis. After returning to Aeten II, Darth Educis spent time literally embedding himself with Luniara and her high Council. It was a known fact that she and Wraloa were intimate, sharing quarters and frequently seen together arm in arm as the woman commanded over her massive armies. A storm was coming, something that would open up Wraloa’s chances at striking at the Jen’jidai. Blinded and focused on defending her people, tensions between the Jen’jidai and the Dark Council rose.

'The Battle of Bimmel & The End of the Jen'jidai:

"Admiral...The mission and our people are what matters. Get out of here."
"To hell with the mission!" - Luniara and Aeetos.

The Battle of Bimmiel.

In the later half of 12 ATC, the Jen'jidai fought on the Republic world of Bimmiel, following the trail in belief that those who secretly had been plotting to destory them had set up base and communications on a quiet Imperial base. With 3 strike teams, Luniara had lead the missions successfully and with limited casualites. It was not until the Republic showed up that the Jen'jidai were seemingly outnumbered, the Republic having found out of both the Jen'jidai and the Imperial outposts presense. Many died, but in the end the warriors were successful in accomplishing their objective of recovering key information that would save their world from
The destruction of the Jen'jidai.
the oppression of the Dark Council. As the Jen'jidai boarded their shuttles that would return them to ship the shuttle carrying Luniara Solborne, Rydlie and an unconcious Wraloa Craubo, under the guise as Educis, was shot down deep behind enemy lines. With a Republic Fleet inbound the others had no choice but to leave her and her team behind to be captured by the Republic. Luniara and her comrades on the ground were taken into SIS and Jedi custody.

Upon returning to their home planet of Aeten II, the Jen'jidai freed themselves from the occupying forces of the Dark Council only to face a power vacuum as ruthless Sith battled for control of the planet and their Order without the presence of Luniara. Foreseeing what would occur, Admiral Aeetos Atiniir and those still loyal to Luniara broke ties with the Jen'jidai as the Admiral led them off world in search of both their missing leader and a new place to call home. The remaining bodies on Jen'jidai were destroyed and little traces of the once powerful sect had been turned to dust.

Prisoner of the SIS:

" you know why I am here?"
"You wish to know more about the Jen'jidai." - Master Mirmaker and Luniara.

Luniara is escorted to trial by the SIS.
After her capture upon Bimmiel in 12 ATC, Luniara's questioning by the SIS began as quickly as she had arrived on board. With the prominent Darth in Republic custody and without hope of rescue, the SIS began their interrogation for further intel into the infamous Jen'jidai order that had plagued the Republic forces sincetheir formation. Unwilling to budge to gain her followers time to regroup and gain enough power to repel any attack against them, Luniara remained silent and the SIS's quickly realized their efforts were in vain. With more captives of the Jen'jidai in their custody and more likely to break, Luniara was scheduled for execution. Her fate would be changed, the Jedi on board the SIS ship finding Luniara was 3 months with child. Having had suspicions of her condition and knowing full well that Wraloa had fathered the offspring, Luniara again refused information knowing what consequences could await for him should he ever return to the Republic. Claiming the father to be a random Sith within the Jen'jidai, the Jedi had little choice but to warn Luniara of what fate awaited her offspring and her once her child was brought into the world. aware of the Jedi's practices of taking in Force Sensitive children began to hope that Wraloa's poor atonement in the Force would take prominent poles in the child's genes to save them from a life within the Jedi Order as she once had. The following months were filled with seclusion and medical attention. Her pregnancy had been kept quiet and select teams, including many Jedi, were assigned to be on call and on guard. Luniara was left to her thoughts and anger, the realization that she had not only lost her freedom to the Republic, her allies and lover but soon her offspring as well. Despair enveloped her. She would have no knowledge of the massive implosion of the Jen'jidai on Aeten II or what had become of both Rydlie and Wraloa nor who had both been handed to Republic custody.

Birth of a Future Legacy:

"Aieden....Adryia." - Luniara, as she names her children, recalling the names that both she and Wraloa joked upon.
Luniara says goodbye to Aieden.

Her execution halted, Luniara was soon transferred under high security to a Coruscant medical facility as her offspring's due date drew closer. With a constant contingent of Jedi supervisors and a Force Inhibiting choker, Luniara was as dangerous as a declawed kitten. Every day she spent in the facility, knowing what awaited her children, felt like an eternity. When the time drew closer, Jedi Master Lucius, despite the Fall of the pupil he had mentored for such a short time, arrived at the news of the Fallen's capture and labor. Barred from entering the maternity ward as Luniara gave birth, the man became unsettled at the thought that the Darth would be giving birth to a Sith Lord's twin offspring.

Still maintaining her silence, it was until Luniara had heard the murmurs of the nearby Jedi and SIS that she opened her mouth to speak. Rumors had spread that another had been brought back to Republic Space following the events on Bimmel. While the name of this new arrival had not been released, it was known that the captive was being held at an SIS compound and under constant guard. Demanding answers, in hope to hear news of Wraloa's or Rydlie's survival, her temperament caused her body to break into early labor. Pain Luniara had never felt before radiated through her body, having dozens of droids catering to her attention. Minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days and days felt like a year as she struggled through the birthing process. After the seventh hour of her labor, she was finally granted a small ounce of relief as her first child came into the world and soon the next. Though her body was still wracked in agony, Luniara recalled a conversation she had shared with Wraloa shortly after they had began sharing a bed. The two had jokingly chosen hypothetical names for children they might have had together. Thankful for the conversation, she named the two children Aieden and Adryia. She would be allowed several days with her newborns, but afterwards, they would be taken into the care of the Jedi Order, as she had been warned. It was highly uncommon for the offspring of a Force Sensitive with the power Luniara possessed to be born without Force Affinity, though Luniara wished deeply that they would take after their father in hopes they would not face the the dangers she had as a Jedi.

Like any mother, Luniara fell in love with her babies immediately. Their eyes matched her own, their hair of auburn and their skin akin to that of their Father's, they were spitting image of the two childhood friends. When the time came for her to say goodbye to her children, Luniara enveloped herself in despair and darkness. After the healing was over, the Jedi Order, seeing as though Luniara could not be turned back to her old ways and deemed too dangerous for trial, informed the SIS to prepare her transport to the prison planet of Balmorra despite rumors of a Pirate organization attacking Republic transport ships. Something was hiding in the shadows, waiting.

A Darker Path - The Penumbral Organization:

"This heap of home?" - Luniara to Aeetos upon learning of the loses of Aeten II.

Within the next months of traveling aimlessly through the galaxy, collecting whomever would answer his call and acting as Commanding Officer Admiral
Aeetos Atiniir worked to turn the mix-matched group of smaller star ships and star fighters into a working Fleet by steadily adding larger ships that could house both the thousands of refugees as well as serve as a military base for the Fleet's fighters and other space going craft that required a carrier to operate in deep space that the Fleet kept to in order to avoid detection from enemies that would do them harm in their very vulnerable state. Meanwhile, Aeetos and the others never stopped searching for both Luniara and others of the remaining Jen'jidai who were scattered due to the events of that battle and now considered missing in action.

Their search continued well into 13 ATC until finally, after dozens of false leads and dead ends they located her and the others with the help of Tiffell. Rejoined by several other prominent members of their former Order the team launched an attack on a SIS transport ship en-route to Balmoora and another to Tython. Confirmed to be on board the Balmorra bound ship, the newly organized Fleet launched their attack on the SIS ship, leaving little to no survivors in their search for their lost leader. Though heavily sedated in order to allow her to sleep, Luniara sensed the stir on board, knowing what may have been coming for her captors. A smile stretched across her face as the mayhem and death filled the atmosphere. Sranishor, accompanied by the unfamiliar faces of the Sith Inquisitor Nivian and the Mandalorian Basilius, freed Luniara from her cells...leaving the SIS ship and it's crew to burn.

It had taken several days for Luniara to realize what had occurred and where she was as the drugs in her system depleted. Confused as to why her people were not safe on Aeten II, Aeetos and Icelus broke the news of what had happened. The group had suffered a intensive loss, the Jen'jidai faced with a power vacuum upon learning of Luniara's capture. It was at the hands of the Dark Council that the Jen'jidai and all those on it's home would face their end. Survivors were few, though Aeetos and Luniara's most trusted officers had managed to save who they could. Adding to the blow, both Icelus and Aeetos informed Luniara of their inability to locate and rescue none other than Wraloa Craubo. Unable to feel the man's presence through the Force, the Sith Woman was devastated. For months on the Penumbral fleet her anger drove her forward, masking the massive feelings of loss that haunted her.

Getting used to the new faces and her new home had taken some getting used to, but as time passed she had agreed to the terms of this new organization's 'goal'. No longer would they serve the Empire...nor would they serve the Republic. Neither offered their safety and both had done them wrong.

Now reunited and led once more by Luniara Solborne they formed a new organization that would come to be known as Penumbral.

The Overlord

Faced with the burden of becoming the leader of the newly formed organization known as Penumbral, Luniara quickly began to realize she was nothing more but a Figurehead for the remnants of her people, a face to steer them back to what they had been forced to leave behind. With many returning at the call of Luniara's rescue, a ceremony had been held, leaving Luniara center stage before all those that had sworn allegiance and secrecy to Penumbral. Lost for words, the woman felt extreme uncertainty.

Dark Umbra Pen.jpg

The comrades she had once heavily relied upon seemed to be hiding something, though she couldn't place her finger on what. Trust in others was all but plentiful, not even her past student, Rydlie. Having been rescued from being rehabilitated on Tython, Rydlie had changed dramatically, almost has much as Luniara. Neither of the two women would see eye to eye, going as far as to avoiding the other. Despite her mistrust for those around her going, Luniara soon found comfort in the arms of her old-time friend Sranishor, the man responsible, along with Aeetos, for bringing together the organization. Having pursued Luniara for sometime, his attention helped mask the pain of her losses and grief, despite her best judgement. Seclusion from her allies only darken Luniara's mind, which began to tempt those that had sought to bring her down such a path in the past. Darth Lisen'tia, former advocate of Luniara during her tenure within the Jen'jidai, slowly began to pry into the fragmented pieces of Luniara's mind, pulling at the strings of the woman's thirst for revenge. Against the advice of Aeetos and Sranishor, Luniara visited with Lisen'tia on her homeworld of Nicht'Ka, impressed with the elegance and legacy the Pureblood had built up for herself in such a short amount of time. The visit only steered Luniara further away from her comrades, the Sith Woman planting more mistrust into her mind, urging her to follow her hate and thirst for revenge and use Penumbral as a means to get what she desired. Presenting Luniara with a gift, Lisen'tia, through whatever means, offered her first taste of that revenge. Captured and bound, an SIS agent responsible for her incarceration within the Republic was offered to her. Fueled with her hate, Luniara was quick to extinguish the man's life without mercy. The murder was a reminder of who she had built herself up to become - Darth Umbra.

Driven to continue her goals, Luniara began to focus on using Penumbral as much as possible. Her duties were limited behind the scenes and many were displeased with her demeanor, refusing to follow her orders but fearing repercussions should they not. but something lingered outside the shadows, waiting for the organization to make it's first move. The Empire was watching. Unknowing of Darth Umbra's return, Darth Mortis began to plan a chain of events that would seek to quickly exterminate Penumbral, ending the remnants of Jen'jidai once and for all, assigning the noble Sith family known as House Meticus to exterminate them.

The Shadows Hunted

It was 13 ATC, and Luniara was watching Penumbral grow stronger every day. She was constantly welcoming new additions to the Fleet, those that were willing to fight for the same cause of neutrality and balance. Over three hundred from Jen’jidai were saved, rescued from Imperial Territory. Those missions were led jointly by her and Aeetos. She wrinkled her nose as she remembered how this had brought the Organization into deeper conflict with the Empire. The Fleet never lingered in one place too long. To constantly travel the galaxy, hopping from one spot to the next, avoiding the hyperlanes. At first, it had been easy for both she and the organization to remain unseen. But in the heat of those moments, mistakes were made. The bond she had formed with Aeetos was at a straining point. Their friendship and working relationship was quickly deteriorating with the woman's new found lease on life. It was her own brash and hateful actions that ultimately had severed the two. Aeetos was insistent on trying to get her to move on, and took matters into his own hands. Upon the streets of Nar Shaddaa, he brought things to a head with a duel. But in his folly, someone else was watching far above. And that person was not friendly to Penumbral.

Far above them, the Bounty Hunter Drousk perched. He had been tasked with hunted down Aeetos and tracking down those that had fled the Empire with the fall of Jen’jidai, he had been keeping close tabs on the Director and gathering what information he could. He had learned of the amassed Fleet, moving system to system. The information had been quickly sent to his superiors...but not before finding familiarity at the sight of Luniara. House Meticus quickly set their plans into motion.

News had spread quickly; word of a high tech prototype, capable of masking ships catching the ears of Penumbral Command. Through various contacts, Aeetos assured Luniara that the prototype was as good as theirs. Through the man's Hutt contacts, the device was tracked down to a rogue Imperial Agent who had been taken into the protection of the Hutt's own competition on Hutta. Authorizing the mission to retrieve both the Agent and the device, the Overlord remained behind to maintain command and control the Fleet. The plan had been successful and the Agent known as Varr'anla'loro was returned to the Fleet, her safety from the Hutts and the Empire traded for her prototype and it's blueprints. The exchange appeared fruitful, but bore a darker secret. Varr'anla'loro was nothing more than a double agent, working alongside both Drousk and House Meticus to infiltrate the organization...and she had been successful. The Chiss woman quickly began a chain of sabotage events, never suspected due to injury and keen stealth. Feeling as if the fall of Aeten II would soon repeat itself, Luniara began to sense something had gone awry. The ship's alarms blared, various escape pods having been launched. (WIP)



The Nexu Raiders - The Assassination


Slave to the Empire


The Craubos



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Faded Hope
Trial By Fire
A Ripple in the Force
Veil of Deceit
Symphony of Silence
The Battle of Bimmiel
Declivity of Power
Hunter's Moon
Vengeance is Just

Behind the Scenes:

• Luniara's name is pronounced: Lu-Ni-Ar-Ra
• Luniara is scared of Kath Hounds

References/Guest Art:

Luniara drawn by commander-13

Luniara drawn by JBM

Future Luniara drawn by Seithe

Luniara on the edge of Darkness drawn by Redding

Luniara & Wraloa Craubo drawn by DarkeBlue

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Alternating views of Luniara's hair & face

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